Youth Work Week 2020

Youth workers have a unique and special opportunity to engage young people in important conversations about relationships, sex and health (RSE). That’s why is it important that practitioners working with young people have a good knowledge and skill base around RSE topics.

For this year’s Youth Work Week, Tough Cookies Education are inviting Greater Manchester’s youth work teams into our zoom classroom to take part in our FREE workshops focused on helping you deliver the best relationships, sex and health education.

Join us for one session, or all using this link. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87682571927

Please register your interest via email or social media, to be admitted into the room. Register your interest: email kerry@toughcookiesed.co.uk or complete this registration form

Make some noise about our event online using the hashtags: #YWW2020 #ToughCookiesEd

Day 1 – Monday 2nd November, 7pm – 8pm Your Role as a Sex Educator

Day 2 – Tuesday 3rd November,7pm – 8pm Tough Cookies Toolkit for Sex Ed

Day 3 – Thursday 5th November, 7pm – 8pm Let’s Talk about Boobs and Balls

Day 4 – Sunday 8th November, 7pm – 8pm Delivering Digital Sex Ed

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