Young people are confident users of digital platforms providing new possibilities for body and health education. is an online blog manged by Tough Cookies Education which is dedicated to informing young people about their body, health and relationships. This educational website for teenagers aged 11 to 16 provides an up to date and relevant platform where young people can safely explore the answers to their questions about growing up. Without such resources teens will turn to their friends, the media and other areas of the internet to seek answers, which can sometimes result in misinformation and unhealthy or risky consequences. provides a reliable source of information for young people that is factually correct, age-appropriate, with relevant, up to date and safe content. Its main objective is to support teens to live happy and healthy lives.


Periods explained

Periods, also known as menstruation, are a monthly cycle, where the body goes through changes and leads to a flow of blood and tissue from the uterus, coming out from the vagina.

Gender Identity

Gender identity is how a person feels and who they know them self to be when it comes to their gender. There are many different gender identities, including male, female, transgender, gender neutral, non-binary, agender and pangender.

What is sexual consent?

The age of consent is the legal age when people can engage in sexual activity. In the UK, the age of consent is 16-years-old. This is the same regardless of the person’s gender or sexuality.

HIV: the facts

HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus, it is a treatable long-term condition and with early diagnosis and prompt treatment people living with HIV can lead normal lives.

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