The girls room

The girls room is a virtual group for girls from Greater Manchester, aged 11 – 13 years. The group meet each Sunday 6pm – 7pm via Zoom, providing girls with safe, virtual spaces to learn and be well, access support and to be inspired.

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Meet the tough cookies girls work team – Find out more about the girl’s room, our pretty awesome initiative and workshops.


You Goal Girl – In the session we encourage girls to set, strive for, and achieve worthy goals for themselves. Goal setting is one of the most powerful lessons we can learn, and studies show that people are 42% more likely to achieve their goals when they’re written down. (Don’t forget your pen!)


Bounce Not Break – School life and school work affect us all differently. Some girls find friendships at school challenging or may find school work and homework annoying or hard. In this week’s session, with Kerry and Jane, we learn ways in which we can build our resilience and coping skills which will help us bounce back from the challenges we face


Media Literacy – This week we are joined by Manchester Influencer Laurie Elle, who has over 3 million followers online, where she shares her dance skills and joins in with popular Tik Tok trends. We will discuss, debate and analyse media messages and make some positive media of our own.       


Doodle Art workshop – Did you know that doodling is a mental tool that can improve concentration, memory, creativity, and even happiness. Sam Warner, the very talented illustrator behind our Pretty Awesome artwork, joins the girl’s room this week to share her creative skills and techniques.


Ask a stupid question day – no question is a stupid question and we will prove that, as Kerry and Jane open up the stupid question box and have a fun, friendly, open and honest chat about being a girl, growing up, puberty and periods.


Writing our rights – Get your pen and paper ready, and join us as we put the world to rights! In this Sunday’s session we will learn more about girls’ rights in the UK and will work with a female artist to create our very own girls work manifesto.


Cake Hun? – Baking at home is as popular as ever, and you don’t have to be super skilled to join in. Danielle, from Cake Hun, a quirky bakery business in Greater Manchester will be joining the girls room as we get baking. There are so many reasons why baking at home is good for you! It stimulates the senses, it’s a feel-good activity, cooking can help you relax, baking is creative and you get to eat and share the cookies!


All bodies are good bodies! – Even though girls recognise the importance of exercise many don’t take part in sports or fitness as they worry too much about other people watching and feel self-conscious about their bodies. This week we will be talking about body positivity, with power lifter, and local strong woman, Michelle Collins.


Pretty Awesome Graduation – We get so worried about being pretty. Let’s be pretty kind. Pretty funny. Pretty smart. Pretty strong. Pretty Awesome!

Want to join the girl’s group?

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