The girls room

The girl’s room is a virtual group for girls aged 10 – 12 years. The group meet each Sunday at 5pm-6pm via Zoom, providing a safe, virtual space to learn, be well, access support and feel inspired.

We also deliver the girls room in partnership with schools and youth centres. Please contact tough cookies to discuss if this is available in your area.

Want to join the girls group?

Parents and Carers please, complete the girl’s room registration form with your child and a member of our team will be in touch. The registration form can be accessed here

Take a look at the upcoming programme for June.

Week one – Starts Sunday 6th June 2021

Meet the tough cookies team – Find out more about the girl’s room, meet our team of amazing peer educators and spread positivity with our fun slogan t-shirts.

Week two – 13th June 2021

Bounce Not Break – Whether it’s school, friendships, covid or life at home, everyday life can affect us all differently. Some girls find making friendships challenging or may find education annoying or hard. Covid may have left you feeling anxious and worried. Whatever the issues you are facing, in this week’s session, we learn ways in which we can build our resilience and coping skills which will help us bounce back from the challenges we face.

Week three – 20th June 2021

Ask a stupid question day – no question is a stupid question and we will prove that, as we open up the stupid question box and have a fun, friendly, open and honest chat about being a girl, growing up, puberty and periods.

Week four – 27th June 2021

Media Literacy – This week we are joined by Manchester Influencer Laurie Elle, who has over 4 million followers online, where she shares her dance skills and joins in with popular Tik Tok trends. Today we will dance, discuss, debate and analyse media messages and make some positive media of our own.

Strong Girls Club – You made it! and you are now an official member of the Tough Cookies, strong girls club!

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