sugarcoat sex-ed toolkit


sugarcoat is a new sex, relationships and health education resource. Which equips educators with the tools they need to confidently discuss and teach growing up, relationships and sexual health matters with teens.

Created by the experienced team of sexual health and relationships education specialist at Tough Cookies Education this easy to use lesson stack will support educators, who are new to teaching SRE subjects to feel prepared, planned and positive about this new and exciting responsibility.  

The sugarcoat toolkit for educators will be available to purchase from Spring 2020 you can pre-order your copy now for £25

The programme’s outcomes link to the learning objectives set out the new Government legislation for sex, relationships and health education.

The sugarcoat toolkit for educators provides a reliable source of information for teachers, teaching assistants and youth workers that is factually correct, age-appropriate, with relevant, up to date and safe inclusive content. Providing a scheme of work which supports young people to build their confidence around sex and relationships topics.