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Tough cookies sex ed toolkit

This fun and easy to use RSHE resource supports young people to build their confidence around sex and relationships topics and is suitable for use with young people aged 11 – 16 years. There are 110 pages covering 5 key units as well as top tips and extra bits which are included just for fun. The materials are designed for use in both formal and informal educational settings. It’s great for youth workers and parents too! Take a look inside!

Dr Naomi Sutton – Channel 4, The sex clinic, said about the resource: “This is a clear, accurate and up to date resource for SRE education. Flexible and easy to navigate for teachers and pupils alike, the suggested discussions are thought-provoking and diverse and should make this topic easy and fun for children to engage with and learn from. Thoroughly recommended!”

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The resource is a spiralbound printed booklet which includes lesson ideas, activities and worksheets to help you teach relationships, sex and health education.

The tough cookies toolkit for sex ed provides a reliable source of information for teachers, teaching assistants and youth workers that is factually correct, age-appropriate, with relevant, up to date and inclusive content.

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The Period Game

Pads! Tampons! Menstrual cups! It’s time to talk about periods with this fun, award-winning board game. Spin an ovary to move around the board from ovulation to PMS, to periods; learn about what they mean and how to handle them.

The Period Game is a fun, positive, learning experience. Great for delivering interactive and engaging health education in the classroom and community.

It’s pretty much impossible to play the game without saying words like “period” and “tampon,” making it a lot easier to talk about both in real life, and empowering the next generation to stop hiding tampons in their sleeves.

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