This workshop celebrates the female body and educates young women, answering many ‘am I normal?’ questions.

It explores the topic of growing up and changing bodies and discusses female body hair, cosmetic surgery, breast awareness and body positivity, The boobs workshop supports pupils to understand how their bodies are changing, how they are feeling and why. It helps them to further develop the language that they use to talk about their bodies, health and emotions. This lesson includes learning about the female reproductive system and female sexual organs – including the correct scientific vocabulary and gives girls the chance to ask anonymous questions. We end the lesson with our Take Your Own Advice activity.

The 2011, Pretty as a picture study revealed that 47% of young women said: ‘Seeing adverts using thin models makes them want to diet/lose weight and they feel more conscious of the way they look.’

A new booklet aimed at educating young people ‘So what is a vulva anyway?’  launched by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. After research found that many young women felt there is a lack of understanding about the vulva, they said they were not taught enough in school and were likely to find out what they wanted to know through searching online.

LINKS TO STATUTORY RSE GUIDANCE: Health Education: Health and prevention. Changing adolescent body.

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