SRE and Youth Work

Youth workers are in an excellent position to carry out sex, relationships and health education work with young people. They are also able to give young people help and advice about sex and relationships and may offer access to condoms and STI screening.

Delivering SRE in a youth work setting

Young people need SRE to be delivered in a safe, trusting environment where they feel comfortable expressing their views and where individual experiences and differences are treated sensitively.

Training for youth workers

Youth workers involved in SRE need to work in a safe setting and have access to regular training to ensure that they have the latest information about contraception and sexual health.

We deliver a sex, relationships and health education awareness training programme for youth workers.  This includes:

  • growing up, bodies, puberty and periods
  • attitudes, values and beliefs and their impact on sexual health and relationships
  • up to date knowledge about sex, sexual health and youth trends
  • SRE resources, group work and teaching ideas

Open Access Training

Throughout the year we deliver a number of open access training courses for youth workers delivered from our offices in Greater Manchester. These will be advertised on our website and across our social media.

In House Training 

If you would like training for your youth work team. Our in-house training can be delivered at your organisation and the courses can be adapted to provide a local aspect and knowledge about your local sexual health services.

Tough Cookies SRE

If you would like to find out more about our SRE training for youth workers, please contact Tough Cookies Education via email or call 07824 885 837.