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Tough Cookies Sex Ed Toolkit – IT’S OUT NOW!

This fun and easy to use RSHE resource supports young people to build their confidence around sex and relationships topics and is suitable for use with young people aged 11 – 16 years. Item will be posted within 10 days - via Royal Mail.


Tough Cookies Sex Ed Toolkit – FOR USA DELIVERY

Get you hands on our new resource for RSE no matter where you are! This option includes 1 copy of the resource plus international postage


The tough cookies toolkit for sex ed provides a reliable source of information for teachers, teaching assistants and youth workers that is factually correct, age-appropriate, with relevant, up to date and inclusive content.

Dr Naomi Sutton – Channel 4, The sex clinic, said about the resource: “This is a clear, accurate and up to date resource for SRE education. Flexible and easy to navigate for teachers and pupils alike, the suggested discussions are thought-provoking and diverse and should make this topic easy and fun for children to engage with and learn from. Thoroughly recommended!”

The materials are designed for use in both formal and informal educational settings. It’s great for youth workers and parents too! Take a look inside!

The resource is a spiralbound printed booklet which includes lesson ideas, activities and worksheets to help you teach relationships, sex and health education. There are 110 pages covering 5 key units:

Unit 1: Getting ready to do it (sex-ed)
unit 2: Body talks
unit 3: Respectful relationships
unit 4: Sexual health
unit 5: Getting help, helping others

…as well as top tips and extra bits which are included just for fun.

Author and Illustrations

The toolkit for sex-ed was written by tough cookies founder, Kerry Cabbin. “The resource was created taking inspiration from all of the sex education workshops I have delivered over the past 25 years. I began working as a sex and relationships educator in 1998 and I love what I do. The sessions included in the kit have been tried and tested with many groups and have been proven to invoke discussion, inform and ensures young people enjoy RSE.”

The illustrations in this toolkit were created by SJ Design is a fun creative design studio offering contemporary eye-catching design for creative businesses who wanna stand out from the crowd.