workshops for the classroom and community

Each year we visit hundreds of schools and youth groups and work with thousands of children and young people providing relationships, sex and health education.

We provide workshops and drop-down days suitable for all ages and use the most recent Government legislation to support the planning and learning outcomes, alongside guidance from PSHE Association and Sex Education Forum. Ensuring the content and activities included are age-appropriate. We adapt our delivery style and activities to suit formal and informal educational settings.

Have a look at our most popular workshops and if you can’t find what you want please send us an message and we will do our best to fulfil your request.

  • Body Talks Puberty Workshop
  • Everything you want to know about periods
  • Consent and pizza!
  • The Balls workshop
  • The Boobs workshop
  • Sex ed for teens

Youth work

Many young people face barriers to their health and wellbeing and improving opportunities and accessing lifelong learning and support groups can help reduce these barriers.

When young people are supported to develop their strengths and assets, use their time constructively and have positive adult and peer role models, they are less likely to engage in risky behaviours.

Our youth work projects aim to provide opportunities to build confidence and self-esteem, develop skills for life, access to good quality RSHE and signposting, chance to take part in sports and arts activities and to sign up for one-to-one mentoring, peer education and leadership roles.

Parental Engagement: There is good evidence that shows providing parents with the skills and knowledge to become confident, sex and relationships educators is effective at improving health and relationship outcomes for young people.

We run a number of initiatives which involve parents and carers.