Parents and Carers

Talking to children and teenagers about sex and relationships can be a daunting experience for many parents. But it doesn’t have to feel this way.


Our parent and carer workshops prepare and support families, to feel ready to have these important conversations with their children.

The workshops we deliver are friendly and informal and delivered by an experienced trainer, who is also a parent. The workshops are non-judgmental, fun and informative.

SRE training for parentsTalking about growing up. 

We have two ‘talking about growing up’ workshops, one for parents and carers of primary school children and one for parents and carers of secondary school students.

Our primary school training, explains to parents, what aspects of SRE will be covered in schools through the curriculum and why these lessons are of importance in keeping our children safe. They help parents and carers prepare for these discussion and build confidence so you feel ready and equipped to answer questions from your children.

We use interactive and fun ways to explore the topic of growing up, covering: puberty, periods, relationships, sexuality and self – esteem. We discuss the common questions which children of primary school age may ask, help you to consider age appropriateness and how to respond.

Story books and resources which parents can use to aid their child’s learning and understanding are shared.

Our secondary school training moves on from this and teaches parents and carers about the topic of sexual health. The workshop covers relationships, CSE, consent, condoms, contraception, sexually transmitted infections and media impact.

Parents will gain a basic understanding of these topics and learn ways in which they can support their children through their teens.

Keeping kids safe online.

In today’s digital world, it is of absolute importance that parents and carers gain a good understanding of the games, apps and websites which their children may access online.

Having the knowledge and skills to navigate and be safe online is necessary for all children and young people.

Our online safety workshop looks at the popular websites, apps and games used by children and young people.

It shares the safety controls and shows parents how to manage these.

It raises awareness of the risk online which parents need to be aware of and shares ideas of how parents/carers and find a healthy compromise so that children and young people can enjoy the digital world safely.

The training covers these key topics: cyberbullying, digital footprints, inappropriate content, sexting, grooming and the law.

Staff delivering these workshops have vast experience, training and understanding of the topic and have completed the CEOP (Child exploitation Online Protection) training to become a ThinkUKnow ambassador.

Workshops are designed for primary or secondary and focus on technologies for that age range, the training is updated on a regular basis to keep up to date with the fast-moving, online world.

Games, quizzes, demonstrations, videos, and discussions are used to engage parents and carers in the workshop.

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