Parents and Carers

Talking with your kids about relationships, health and sex is a really important aspect of parenting. For some parents this is cool and they feel prepared and ready to have these conversations and for others, there could be a sense of dread as they put it off again and again.

Children and teens are ready for these conversations, your voice as a parent or carer is vital in offering another narrative to the ones children and teens pick up from friends, media and google!

Read our top tips to help you prepare and take a look at the useful website links that can be helpful for you and your child.

sex education for parents and carers

Sex ed for grown-ups!

Talking to kids about sex and relationships can help prepare them to make better-informed choices. It’s never too early to start talking to your children, and never too late! The earlier sex and relationships education begins, the easier it will become.

Useful Websites

We can provide a wide range of SRE information and resources that supports teens, parents, schools and youth workers. This page list some of our favourite organisations where you can find advice, free lesson plans and film clips…