Online Training

Relationships, sex and health education online courses for professionals working with children and young people.

We have adapted our courses to be able to continue to bring you our RSHE training online.

Using Zoom conferencing and a number of other online platforms. Our sexual health courses for professionals working with children and young people are available to book now for dates in April to July 2020. You can book for your whole team (up to 25 participants) and we can adapt the timing and duration to suit, (example: courses can be delivered in one day for three hours, or on three days, across 3 weeks for 1 hour per day.) We currently have 5 courses available including our most popular sex education school.

About the course

In this course, we take you back to sex education school. Participants will take part in our fun, fast-moving, open and completely honest, mash-up of sex education covering everything and anything from the naming of the body parts, puberty, to contraception and sexually transmitted infections and all that’s in between!

The training prepares teachers, youth workers and others working with young people to address and challenge any misinformation and tackle any feelings of embarrassment or shame with regards to growing up, body angst and sex. Creating a space to practice and build confidence to talk with young people about this important health and life skills topic.

What topics you will cover?

  • sex ed language and terminology
  • overcoming barriers
  • policy and guidance
  • body positivity
  • sexual health

Who will you learn with?

This course is delivered by Kerry Cabbin, founder of Tough Cookies Education. Kerry has over 23 years of experience delivering sex and relationships education in schools. She has worked across the UK and abroad delivering projects involving young people. Kerry is a qualified youth and community worker and holds a level 4 qualification in sexual health education, obtained at Staffordshire University. She is also a qualified trainer, assessor and journalist.

What other courses are available?

  • Young people sex and the law (consent laws, sexual harassment and healthy relationships)
  • Managing tricky questions (What is age-appropriate? and how to deal with the most asked questions)
  • Keeping young people safe online (sexting to slang, Tik Tok to Tinder, this course has you covered)
  • Talking puberty and periods (Body parts, period management and tips for talking about puberty.)

How much do the courses cost? 

We are working to keep the cost of our courses low and may be able to offer reduced prices to organisations/schools in Tameside and Salford. *Dependant on funding – Our prices start from  £140 per hour for up to 25 participants.

For an informal chat and further information please contact Tough Cookies Education via email or call 07824 885 837 to discuss.