Girls Work

Girls Work Illustrations by Sam Warner

Pretty awesome girls are confident they make informed choices and avoid risky behaviours. They are resilient and aspirational, they set goals and overcome obstacles to reach their full potential. Pretty awesome girls are empowered, they recognise their own strengths and are leaders in their communities.

Our girls work programmes provide opportunities for young women to develop confidence, build their resilience and to feel empowered!

Through fun activities and relationships building girls and young women explore and learn about themselves. They develop their skills and knowledge around health and wellbeing topics such as; healthy relationships, body image and online safety.


Current Programmes

Pretty Awesome
(peer education and leadership project)
An initiative dedicated to developing confident, resilient and empowered girls. Through peer education, young women build leadership skills and bring about change in their local communities.

The Girls Room
(virtual girls group) download our posters here.
In a supportive environment girls plan and participate in fun activities, where they make new friends, learn new life skills, and develop their personal strengths.

(health education workshops for girls)
The initiative equips girls with the tools and resources they need to support them to make better informed choices about health and relationships.