Free stuff

Thanks to funding from Salford 4 Good, we have created a fun and interactive wellbeing toolkit for teens, the toolkit includes a collection of positive activities that will help remind young people how amazingly, brilliant they are.

Find the toolkit on Trello or download the PDF resource here: Wellbeing Toolkit for Teens

As the coronavirus spreads and more cases of COVID-19 pop-up, it can feel hard not to panic — even though keeping calm is one of the main pieces of advice health officials are giving. Print our top tips for teens, and share this handy/handout with young people Coronavirus Anxiety_ How to Cope V.2

Tough Cookies – things to-do list will help young people plan their day, and focus their school/work from home task. But it also remembers the importance of including things which are just for fun and are important for building positive mental health. By adding this section to the daily task list young people will learn that self-care is just as important as math.