Tough Cookies Education provides comprehensive sex, relationships and health education in the classroom and for communities. The Department of Education, Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education Guidance is used to frame our programmes and workshops. Our outcomes are clear and are directly linked to the topics and themes set out in the statutory guidance.

If you would like to find out more about the sex, relationships and health education services we provide, please contact Tough Cookies Education via email or call 07824 885 837 to discuss.

What drop down days for schools do Tough Cookies Education deliver? We have a number of standard drop down days which we deliver, these focus on one area of SRE, for example; Sexual healthConsent or Contraception, Puberty, Periods etc. We are happy to provide a bespoke lesson which is created to respond to a group identified need. This can often be accommodated at no extra cost. The extra cost will apply if this is a new topic, or materials need to be adapted to become bespoke to the area/locality.

What age are Tough Cookies workshops for? We have a workshop for most SRE topics which is suitable for each age group from 9 – 25 years old. We use the most recent Government guidance to support the planning and learning outcomes, alongside guidance from the PSHE Association and Sex Education Forum. This ensures the content and activities included are age appropriate for each age group. We adapt delivery for formal and informal settings.

How long is each workshop? Workshops for schools last from 50 – 70 mins. Depending on the school’s timetable, for secondary, we deliver 5 or 6 workshops across the day. And in primary schools we deliver both half day and full day programmes. We can adapt and offer bespoke bookings for community groups and organisations. For schools within the Greater Manchester area, we can also offer 1-hour workshops.

Class sizes? For schools, ideally, we like to work with around 30 pupils max, this allows us to facilitate discussions and provides an opportunity for students to get involved. We have worked with smaller class sizes which allows more time for activity and discussion. Or bigger class sizes (max 45) but with bigger class sizes the workshop is adapted. For training and community workshops, group sizes vary dependant upon the booking.

How much do your workshops cost? We try really hard at Tough Cookies Education to keep our cost low. To give you an idea of cost, our prices start from £180 for one facilitator to deliver a drop-down day of workshops (usually 5 – 6 workshops) across one school day. For schools outside of Greater Manchester, we may add additional cost to cover transport and overnight accommodation. This would be discussed and agreed with you first. For youth work sessions, charity organisations, training and or parent workshops, prices would vary. Please get in touch to discuss your budget and options.

How can I book? The quickest way to book is to give Tough Cookies Education a call and we can check our availability. Alternatively, you can email or use the contact page on the website.