Consent Workshops

DID YOU KNOW THAT 45% of young people said they learned about sexual consent from TV and film, 39% think it’s not ok to withdraw consent! 

Teaching young people about sexual consent has always been an integral part of SRE, but in more recent years it has been bought to the forefront. More needs to be done to promote the teaching of sexual consent and the importance of healthy relationships in schools.

The consent and pizza workshops is a relationships and sex education programme developed by Tough Cookies Education. These lessons for schools, teacher training and resources ensure teaching about sexual consent is more than ‘saying no’ the programme developed in 2015 has been delivered in over 30 schools, reaching over 4000 young people. 


Funded by Salford 4 Good – we are able to provide consent and pizza workshops FREE to schools and youth organisations in Salford 

If you would like to find out more or to book a FREE workshop please contact Tough Cookies Education via email or call 07824 885 837 to discuss.