The period talk, our workshop covers naming and understanding parts of the body including female anatomy, the basics of the menstrual cycle and different forms of sanitary protection. 


Grooming and child sexual exploitation, What is a healthy relationship? and What is relationship abuse? are the topics explored in Tough Cookies relationships workshop, we look further at the relationships teenagers have both in real life and online. 


This workshop celebrates the female body and educates young women, answering many 'am I normal?' questions. It explores the topic of female body hair, cosmetic surgery, breast awareness and body positivity. 


Six packs, masculinity and testicular cancer are the topics explore as part of our boys only, balls workshop!  The session challenges the ideals of 'what is the perfect male body? and encourages and promotes a positive body image for teens.


Tough Cookies Education have a number of age-appropriate workshops which focus on the topic of sex! For KS2, we explore what is human-reproduction? Learning about the male and female sexual organs, anatomy and finding out just how babies are made and born.  For KS4, after a quick recap of the earlier bits and bobs, we talk about 'how do you know you are ready?' Sex and love, peer pressure, consent and sexual health.