Sexual Health

This age-appropriate workshop which covers the topic of sexual health is engaging, fast moving and completely and utterly honest!


This workshop celebrates the female body and educates young women, answering many 'am I normal?' questions. It explores the topic of female body hair, cosmetic surgery, breast awareness and body positivity. 


Six packs, masculinity and testicular cancer are the topics explore as part of our boys only, balls workshop!  The session challenges the ideals of 'what is the perfect male body? and encourages and promotes a positive body image for teens.


Our consent workshops aim to support young people to be able to build healthy relationships in which both parties respectfully seek consent and respect one another when consent is not given. 


Young people will learn which methods of contraception protect against both unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections and where to access further advice and information.


Tough Cookies sexting workshop explores how to manage requests for images and what is and is not appropriate, the workshop covers who to talk to if you feel uncomfortable and how to report online.