Report: How we are supporting communities through Covid-19

In March 2020 we developed a health, wellbeing and resilience strategyin response to COVID-19. We adapted our ways of working, transferringface to face services into online training, workshops and consultancy thatcan be delivered remotely by our team. We created a new project foryoung people and set out short term and long term goals. Weexplored newContinue reading “Report: How we are supporting communities through Covid-19”

Forever Manchester supports our self-care project

This week we heard back from the Charity Forever Manchester, in response to our recent submission for funding, to extend further our self-care kits for teens. The charity said yes, to our application and we are now able to create a further 100 kits which will be distributed to teens across Greater Manchester. The kitsContinue reading “Forever Manchester supports our self-care project”

Mental Health Awareness Week

You are amazing! I appreciate you! – start Mental Health Awareness week with some positive affirmations. This year’s campaign is #KindnessMatters and is all about looking after yourself. Being kind to your body and mind. As part of the week we will be delivering more of our self-care kits to teens, this week visting REELContinue reading “Mental Health Awareness Week”

New Resource for RSHE

A toolkit for delivering open and honest sex education. Tough Cookies sex education resource equips educators with the tools they need to confidently discuss and teach about growing up, relationships and sexual health topics with teens. Written by Kerry Cabbin, the founder of Tough Cookies Education, this simple, no fuss, easy to use lesson resource,Continue reading “New Resource for RSHE”

Tough Cookies self-care kits for teens

With funding from Action Together Oldham and Tameside, we have been able to make up 100 self-care kits for teens which are available for schools and organisations in Tameside and Oldham. Tough Cookies self-care kits are packages specifically put together for teens which are created to support their resilience and coping skills, they include items whichContinue reading “Tough Cookies self-care kits for teens”

Resources for Teen Wellbeing

Thanks to funding from Salford 4 Good, we have created a fun wellbeing toolkit for teens, the toolkit includes a collection of positive activities that will help remind young people how amazingly, brilliant they are. You can download the resource here: Wellbeing Toolkit for Teens   Don’t forget to snap a pic and tag @toughcookiesed to show off your finishedContinue reading “Resources for Teen Wellbeing”