Body and health education


We believe all young people should have the tools and knowledge to be pro-active about their own health. That’s why we take our message into classrooms and communities.

Tough Cookies signed up to become Answer Cancer Champions. We are working with communities across Greater Manchester to increase cancer screening and raise awareness. Take a look at our free downloadable resources here.

Health and prevention

We are passionate about preventing cancer. Our body and health education programme is taught in an age-appropriate way, and aims to increase body knowledge and raise awareness about the benefits and purpose of the HPV vaccine and the cervical cancer screening programme.

Young men’s health

Six packs, masculinity and testicular cancer are the topics we explore as part of our boys only workshop – balls. The talk supports teens to understand how their bodies are changing, and helps them to further develop the language they use to talk about their bodies, health and feelings.

Boobs workshop – for girls!

This workshop celebrates the female body and educates young women, answering many ‘am I normal?’ questions. We explore the topic of growing up and changing bodies and discuss female body hair, cosmetic surgery, breast awareness and body positivity.

A CoppaFeel! guide on getting to know your boobs or pecs and the signs and symptoms to be aware of. Watch and learn.

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