Report: How we are supporting communities through Covid-19

In March 2020 we developed a health, wellbeing and resilience strategy
in response to COVID-19. We adapted our ways of working, transferring
face to face services into online training, workshops and consultancy that
can be delivered remotely by our team. We created a new project for
young people and set out short term and long term goals. We
explored new income streams and funding opportunities.


In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Government put in place
necessary and extraordinary public health measures.
With such vast changes to society and the way in which we live it was
evident that there would be a long-lasting impact on young people.
UK Youth conducted research and identified key areas of impact for
young people, these were:

  • Increased mental health or wellbeing concerns
  • Increased loneliness and isolation
  • Lack of safe space – including not being able to access their youth
    club/ service and lack of safe spaces at home
  • Challenging family relationships
  • Lack of trusted relationships or someone to turn to
  • Increased social media or online pressure
  • Higher risk for engaging in gangs, substance misuse, carrying weapons or other harmful practices
  • Higher risk for sexual exploitation or grooming

Tough Cookies own local research mirrored these national concerns. We spoke to 11 organisations. The main concerns identified by youth and community organisations and pastoral staff were: the emotional and financial pressures facing families, lack of support services; such as after school activities, young people no longer having someone to talk to about everyday teen worries, young people feeling isolated and facing loneliness.

From March 2020 – May 2020 we achieved:
200+ digital downloads
800 young people engaged online
200 young people received self-care packages

Read about our work so far and about our plans for the future in the Tough Cookies report here

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