What’s The Perfect Recipe for Sex, Relationships and Health Education?

For #RSEDay Tough Cookies Education are bringing you some ‘food for thought’ comprising of a collection of statements and comments from young people about what they want and how they feel about sex, relationships and health education.

Yesterday the Government released the complete and final version of their new guidance for Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education.

This document will help schools plan for RSE and includes the expectations from Government.


Using our most recent evaluations, student feedback sheets and notes from our workshop discussions with young people, Tough Cookies have put together a list of helpful prompts and considerations when planning your new RSE offer, which we hope will give you some food for thought.

Read them, like them, share them.

Compulsory, quality – I want SRE to be good and enjoyable. #SRE #sexed #RSEDay

– the topic of RSE should be treated like any other subject. The quality of teaching, subject knowledge of the teacher and resources used are equally as important to these lessons as they are to maths, science and English, if not more so! And don’t forget to make sex, relationships and health education fun! That’s what makes it memorable and helps knowledge stick.

Porn, contraception, healthy relationships…the condom demo! #SRE #sexed #RSEDay

– what topics will you cover?

Masculinity, what does is mean to be a man?#SRE #sexed #RSEDay

– Gender stereotype and roles help to explore lots of SRE topics. Don’t forget to explore this too.

Have conversations with parents too. #SRE #sexed #RSEDay

– Are young people going home and talking to parents about what you discussed today in class? Is that an opportunity missed? How can you involve parents and carers so the conversation can continue at home?

I don’t feel it includes me, it’s not sensitive to my religious and cultural values. #SRE #sexed #RSEDay

– think about ways that you can make all young people feel included Some topics may not feel relevant for them and that’s OK, but it’s also important to know about UK laws and local services, youth health statistics, to know about the opposite sex, this can help us understand each other and the communities in which we live.

Consent, every one needs that lesson, the tea video is fun but the talking is what makes it easy to learn. #SRE #sexed #RSEDay

– When was the last time you updated your resources? Are you still sharing that video from 1995? Keep up to date with new teaching resources, there are many which are available for free.

The online stuff is always blah’ we get taught off these teachers but we know more than them. We know about passwords and reporting BTW. #SRE #sexed #RSEDay

– think about who is delivering the lesson, for some topics it may help to work with an outside visitor. Check what the visitor will be sharing and that this fits with your wider RSE offer. Also consider Peer Education, could your older students deliver projects for the young ones. (Tough Cookies deliver workshops for schools, we have over 20 years experience working within sexual health and young people’s services. We also work with influencers and bloggers to develop our online safety workshops and resources, keeping them up-to date. We can train students to become Peer Educators in your school)

Sexual Harassment, that lesson really made me think. #SRE #sexed #RSEDay

– think about ‘what after the lesson’ what can you offer to students once you have made them think? Is there a go to person in the school? Do you have a health drop-in. ‘About Last Friday’ is our new service for 2019, which provides a Friday Lunch Time Health Drop-In! Get in touch to find out more!!!

Period education needs to keep happening we have different questions we want to talk about in year 9 than we had in year 6. #SRE #sexed #RSEDay

– Spiral curriculum, don’t just deliver a topic once and think that is enough. Build upon the learning each year, allowing young people the chance to revisit and question their understanding of the topics. If you would like help with planning your scheme of work, lesson plans and resources, Tough Cookies Education can help.

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