RSE DAY 2019

RSE Day (27 June 2019) is a yearly celebration of Relationships and Sex Education that educates children and young people about healthy relationships and positive sexual health. RSE Day encourages schools and the wider community to get involved.

RSE DAY provides an opportunity to promote and raise awareness of the great Relationships and Sex Education that is happening across the country. It also gives recognition to the many SRE practitioners and shines a light on the charities and social enterprises like Tough Cookies Education that are working hard to deliver outstanding sex, relationships and health education.

tough cookies webTough Cookies Education in Greater Manchester will engage with RSE DAY by hosting a series of individual events and activities and will share its RSE DAY 2019 presentation and consultation ideas with local schools and organisations. Download Here

The presentation created by the team at Tough Cookies Education provides a useful way to introduce the new Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education guidance and start to explore how schools will deliver this from 2020, involving the voice of pupils.

RSE Day Assembly and Consultation

Assemblies can be a useful place to share information and open up general discussions about relationships and sex education and the presentation offers a great way to introduce young people to RSE Day, explaining what this is and why it is important.

It looks back on the history of sex and relationships education leading up to the present day. And could be used to launch your school’s consultation process, involving young people in the planning of future RSE.

Ideas for consulting young people
Comments suggestion/box
Encourage young people to place their comments and suggestions on card or paper, and provide a box for these to be posted. Signpost students to where the suggestion box will be. This could be for a certain amount of time or be an ongoing process.
This process can help young people post ideas which they may feel uncomfortable sharing as a whole group. And is easy to set up for young people to use.
Write and share a survey with students, give multiple choice options as well as space to submit their own ideas.
Share the survey during tutor time to encourage more students to complete the form.
Consultation activity
You will need: card, wall space, colour counters
Create a display of RSE topic headings, for example contraception, puberty relationships etc. (You could use the learning outcomes from the guidance to give more details, but the headings would also work)
Display each of the headings or learning outcomes clearly and underneath each one provides a clear container in which counters can be collected,
Using the colour counters allocate each year group a colour, for example, year 7 is blue, year 8 red etc.
The students explore the RSE topics, adding their choice of counter to show which age/year group they think this topic should be covered. This could also work with stickers too.

To help you get started with ideas for RSE day take a look at:

RSE Day – Primary Schools

RSE Day – Secondary Schools

RSE Day – Local authorities

Don’t forget to share your stories with us throughout the week across social media using hashtags #RSEday and #RSEtogether and tag @toughcookiesed



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