About Bloody Time – Period Positive Week

It’s periodpositiveweek!

Founded by Chella Quint, comedian-turned-menstruation education researcher and the creator of Adventures in Menstruating.

The week explores a number of period topics including myth busting, teaching, reducing stigma, wellbeing and fun!

Tough Cookies Education has been getting involved as good quality period education is a big part of what we do.


Dispelling myths is a big part of period education, many young people come along to our workshops and offload a great deal of information they have picked up along the way. We have heard so much funny stuff, and it’s really easy to see why the wrong messages are out there! Some primary children believed period liquid to be blue, why would they think this? Well, the adverts promoting pads and tampons often feature blue liquid so what else are they going to assume. Other common myths from teens show a lack of understanding of their bodies and cycle. Many are unaware that the period comes from the vagina. For many, they don’t know they have more that one hole. Which is why learning about and naming the parts of the reproductive system and genitalia is crucial!

What myths have you heard about periods? Take our poll on twitter to see how well you do answering our quiz on period myths.


The period positive campaign also looks at how we teach about periods.

We are going to share some of our favourite reports to reads. We have found them to be thought-provoking which is great when you are planning workshops as it can help you to think outside the box. And cover aspects of period education you might otherwise miss.

First up is Break the Barriers, a report into periods and girls in the U.K. The project is from Plan UK who are also working to address the stigma around periods.

Next to get a mention is HeyGirls and their Pads for Dads advice – if you are teaching in schools make sure all the dads get a copy of this!

Period education Manchester

One area that is lacking the advice and where you have to dig deep to find is teaching about periods for young people with disabilities. Many of the resources found are dated or not from the U.K.

It helps to look at websites or even get in touch with organisations who specialise in certain disabilities who can help. We found this advice leaflet about puberty, periods and autism to be helpful

What will you be doing in your communities or online to raise awareness for #PeriodPositiveWeek? Send a tweet and let us know.

Period education

Tough Cookies Education provide SRE workshops for schools, training and consultancy. For more information contact toughcookiesed.co.uk

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