YouTube Star, Mimi Missfit, Gets Us All Thinking And Chatting About Sex Ed!

Mimi on a Mission: Sex Ed is a new series set to launch on BBC iplayer. The open and honest exploration of sex education presented by YouTube star, Mimi Missfit takes seven teenagers on an eye-opening, fact-finding, week-long trip of a lifetime to the Netherlands.

The team learn how the Dutch teach about sex and everything related to it, from their own bodies to falling in love and keeping safe online.



It’s a roller coaster ride for the group – Joe, Logan, Finn, Alys, Lizzie, Munashe and Garthia – as the open and progressive Dutch attitudes encourage them to stop being embarrassed and start talking.

In episode one, First Love, you will meet the group as they explore feelings and relationships, learn like Dutch primary school children and take a sex IQ test at the NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam, with some surprising results.

Further episodes explore the topics of safe sex, LGBTQ+, porn and sexting and self-love.

Accompanying the series are a number of class clips with teacher notes; which support educators to explore the topics covered in the series. The class clips and education materials are available at BBC Teach.

Mimi on a Mission: Sex Ed, is available as a box set from Friday, 5 April exclusive to BBC iPlayer


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