sexting SRESEXTING DROP DOWN DAY: The workshop covers rules and principles for keeping safe online. This will include how to recognise risks, harmful content and contact, and how and to whom to report issues. Pupils will be made aware of the relevant legal stance in relation to ‘sexting’ (youth-produced sexual imagery, nudes, etc.)

LINKS TO STATUTORY GUIDANCE: Theme: Internet safety and harms, Online and

‘All teens sext! It’s just part of growing up’.

In reality, this is NOT true, although more teens are sharing images ‘91% post selfies’ the statistics for sexting is just under 40%…..that means that almost 60% of teens do not sext at all!


The BBC reported that 1000’s of young people had been investigated about the sharing of sexual images, including 400 children under the age of 12. Our workshop explores how to manage requests for images and what is and is not appropriate to ask for or share; the workshop covers who to talk to if they feel uncomfortable or are concerned by such a request and how to report online. We challenge the assumptions made, that all teens sext and teach young people about the laws relating to sexting and the social and emotional impact of sharing sext.


If you are based in Greater Manchester and you would like to book a Drop Down Day the cost is: £180 (the price is for one SRE Educator)

Outside of Greater Manchester

If you are outside of Greater Manchester and you would like to book one of our Drop Down Days the cost is: £380 (the price is for one SRE Educator and includes travel costs and overnight accommodation.)

PLEASE NOTE, Half day = up to 3 hours, Full day = 4 hours to 6 hours. A cancellation charge might apply if sufficient notice isn’t given. For bookings outside of Greater Manchester and where travel and accommodation cost exceed £100, extra charges may apply. 

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