Period Education

003-compressSEXUAL HEALTH DROP DOWN DAY: Periods can be confusing or even alarming for girls if they are not prepared. Our menstruation education workshop is for all pupils and aims to reduce the stigma surrounding periods.

LINKS TO STATUTORY GUIDANCE: Theme: Changing adolescent body

1 in 4 girls start their periods before the subject is covered in sex and relationships education classes at school. Almost 15% of young people said they were taught nothing at school about menstruation.


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Both boys and girls are encouraged to take part in this workshop which covers naming and understanding parts of the body including female anatomy, the basics of the menstrual cycle and different forms of period management.

We answer any questions or worries young people have. We navigate discussions about period poverty, cultural ideas and beauty standards.

*Can be delivered to single-sex groups as well as mixed settings.

If you would like to find out more about our sex, relationships and health education programmes for schools, please contact Tough Cookies Education via email or call 07824 885 837 to discuss.