Vulva Cancer Awareness Week

Tough Cookies Education, have designed a FREE downloadable lesson plan which can be used in youth centres, health clinics, schools and by parents to teach young women about the vulva.

002-vaginaKnowing about our body when it is healthy allows us to notice when something is different. And feeling comfortable to explain exactly what body part you are worried about can make it so much easier for teens with worries or angst, helping them to speak to a parent or to access healthcare advice.

The lesson plan has been developed in support of Vulva Cancer Awareness Week (5th November – 11th November)

The lesson has been written to help young women understand what is a vulva and to raise awareness of vulva cancer. By the end of the lesson, students will: know the female parts of the body (genitals) and know who they can speak to if they have any worries about their body and growing up.

You can download a copy of the lesson plan HERE


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