DURATION: up to 60 MINS or Drop Down Day (4 x 90-minute workshops)

A survey of over 2,000 young people aged 11-25 found that nearly a third of young people (30.4%) did not learn all they needed to at school about how their body changes during puberty


For KS2, the workshop explores how the body and feelings may change during puberty. The workshops allow the children to ask questions and honest and age-appropriate answers are given.

For KS3, the workshops explore the topic in more depth and explore debate and open discussion about body hair, relationships and other teen angst.

puberty workshops

Puberty Workshop 1-Hour

*Available for Greater Manchester schools only


puberty workshops

Puberty Workshops – Drop Dow Day (4 x 90-minutes)

*For schools outside the North West transport and accommodation cost may also apply – please contact to discuss before booking