DURATION: up to 60 MINS or Drop Down Day (4 x 90-minute workshops)

1 in 4 girls start their periods before the subject is covered in sex and relationships education classes at school. Almost 15% of young people said they were taught nothing at school about menstruation.


Both boys and girls are encouraged to take part in this workshop which covers naming and understanding parts of the body including female anatomy, the basics of the menstrual cycle and different forms of sanitary protection.

KS3 lessons allow further exploration of the topic to answer any questions of worries young people have.

*Can be delivered to single-sex groups as well as mixed settings.

period workshops

Period Workshop – 1 Hour

*Available for Greater Manchester schools only


Period Workshops – Drop Down Day (4 x 90-minutes)

*For schools outside the North West transport and accommodation cost may also apply – please contact to discuss before booking