DURATION: up to 90 MINS or Drop Down Day

Teens are increasingly sharing personal information on the internet, a trend that is likely driven by the changing attitudes and norms around sharing online.

  • 91% post selfies
  • 71% have their school name on their profiles
  • 71% post the city or town where they live
  • 53% display their email address
  • 20% share their mobile number

(Teens, Social Media, and Privacy, Pew Research Centre, 2012).


For KS2, our online safety workshops focus on the sharing of personal information, we explore what to do if you come across inappropriate content whilst online and how to respond if someone requests inappropriate images.

For KS3/4 and 5, the workshop considers ‘Why is there so much concern about young people’s use of technology and social media?’  and explores;

  • Privacy/digital footprints – what they say, post and write online and the ‘digital footprint this leaves
  • Cyberbullying – bullying between young people and adults
  • Harmful content/illegal material – things that children and young people see and sometimes produce that may be harmful
  • Unwanted contact/grooming – this is where adults proactively coerce children to groom them on and offline

Cost of our workshops for schools start at £45 per hour. Please contact Tough Cookies Education for more information.