DURATION: up to 60 MINS or Drop Down Day (6 x 1-hour workshops)

Survey reveals ‘less teens are having sex, they also don’t drink and say exam and career success are the most important things!’


We have a number of age-appropriate workshops which focus on the topic of sex! For KS2, we explore what is human-reproduction? Learning about the male and female sexual organs, anatomy and finding out just how babies are made and born.

For KS4, after a quick recap of the earlier bits and bobs, we talk about ‘how do you know you are ready?’ Sex and love, peer pressure, consent and sexual health.

SRE Workshop – 1 Hour

*Available for Greater Manchester schools only


SRE Workshops – Drop Down Day ( 6 x 1-hour)

*For schools outside the North West transport and accommodation cost may also apply – please contact to discuss before booking