Workshops For Schools

We support teens to become proactive about their own health and wellbeing. Our workshops provide opportunities for young people to explore attitudes, develop knowledge and skills and feel confident, resilient, and empowered!

Girls Work

Opportunities for girls and young women to develop their self confidence, build resilience and to feel empowered!

The Girls Room

A virtual girls group, which meets online, every Sunday via zoom. 

Peer Education

Build leadership skills and bring about change in your local communities.

Pretty Awesome

Book one of our body and health education workshops or projects – just for girls.

We train health professionals, teachers, social workers, youth workers, parents and carers to become trusted resources on body and health education. 

Commission a course for your team.

Great for Teachers new to RSE and those wanting to further develop their confidence to teach about new topics featured on the RSE curriculum. We have a range of courses which aim to explore attitudes, update your knowledge and practice keys skills. Our courses include:

  • Ask a Stupid Question Day
  • Certificate in Teenology
  • Fertility Education
  • It’s all Balls and Boobs
  • Puberty and Periods Education
  • Pretty Awesome
  • The Pleasure Programme
  • Upskirting, hollabacks & consent.
  • Vulva in your vocab!
  • and more…..

What People Say

“I was most impressed with the flexibility of the trainer to tailor the resources to suit the school context. Resources were given to be checked over. 98% of our pupils strongly agreed that the session was age-appropriate. 90% strongly agreed that it had taught them something new.”

Katherine France, Head of RS and Citizenship. The Queen Katherine School