tough cookies sex ed toolkit

The tough cookies toolkit for sex ed is a new and up to date resource perfect for exploring sex, relationships and health education topics with young people.

RSE workshops

Are you looking for fun, friendly, open and honest relationships, health and sex ed workshops, presentations, health events and drop-down days?

We deliver empowering Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) workshops in UK schools, so that all young people have the knowledge and confidence they need to tackle sex and relationship taboos and to stay safe. 

What People Say

“I was most impressed with the flexibility of the trainer to tailor the resources to suit the school context. Resources were given to be checked over. 98% of our pupils strongly agreed that the session was age-appropriate. 90% strongly agreed that it had taught them something new.”

Katherine France, Head of RS and Citizenship. The Queen Katherine School

Youth & Community Work

At tough cookies there is always something fun and educational going on, take a look at our most recent youth and community work and find out how you can get involved!

Body and health education

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Free resources

Who doesn’t love a freebie? We have lots of great RSE resources to share.

Youth Work Week 2020

Take part in our FREE workshops for relationships, sex and health education.

What People Say

“This is a clear, accurate and up to date resource for SRE education. Flexible and easy to navigate for teachers and pupils alike, the suggested discussions are thought provoking and diverse and should make this topic easy and fun for children to engage with and learn from. Thoroughly recommended!

Dr Naomi Sutton, C4, The Sex Clinic.

RSHE Training

Good quality relationships, health and sex education can have a significant impact and improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people, keeping young people safe, reducing the number of teenage conceptions and rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV.

Training provided by Tough Cookies Education covers key topics from the new relationships, health and sex education guidance and supports educators to feel prepared and confident, ready to provide fun, friendly, open and honest RSHE.

Tough cookies ed cic

Set up to support the delivery of our workshops to groups which don’t have access to funds. The tough cookies social enterprise receives grants which enables us to to support our local communities.